| Modern Fashion Senior Portrait Experience | Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I pick The Nouveau Sessions for my senior portraits? 

 Simply this - The Nouveau Sessions is a whole new senior portrait experience. No more traditional images, no more stuffiness, no more awkward posing. We're fashion photographers. We love everything about the fashion experience. So we want you to feel like an amazing working fashion model and to get model-worthy images so that you literally jump off the pages of that yearbook. 

Do I style the wardrobe or do you? 

You can, but it is not recommended. The point of this experience is that YOU don't have to do any work. All you have to do is show up, energized, clean and ready to go, with your entire closet behind you. 

When we style your outfits while you get your hair and makeup down by our fabulous Allie, we're going to be choosing styles that fit your personality completely, that fit a cohesive theme through the entire set, and that are usually combinations that you've never even thought of. And almost 99% of the time, you'll LOVE it and look flawless.  You'll be consulted the whole way through and IF you don't feel comfortable (which I can usually tell), we'll change it to something that you feel better in. 

The reason we prefer to style these outfits is because in many cases, people style outfits like how they would if they were to go out for an occasion. They pick things that match. They choose things that they're comfortable with. Well, fashion is not just about any one of those things. And outfits that photograph well aren't dependent on these things either. We want dynamic, stylish fashionable looks that push the boundaries of your regular style and try bold new direction! All of these shoots you see in our portfolio were styled by us and we've not heard one complaint yet!

So... when you say my entire closet... do you really mean that?

You better believe it! Bring everything that is cute and flattering in your closet. Bring the stuff that you never had a chance to wear, but you love so much. Accessories, Shoes, Basics. Everything. The way to limit your Nouveau experience is by bringing a small selection of clothes or a set of 5 to 10 pre-styled outfits. We cannot stress this enough. First of all, you miss out on our expertise in styling lovely fashion forward outfits and it limits us from creating dynamic looks because we won't have much to work with. 

So! The best way you can enhance your experience is to bring as many pieces as you can! Go Shopping! Have fun! And sit back and enjoy the ride. The more you trust us, the more fun your experience will be!