| Modern Fashion Senior Portrait Experience | Hattiesburg, Mississippi

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Here are the Details!!

Hey there! Thank you for stopping by. For 2017, we have 25 Nouveau Session Spots due to the busy schedules of both Haley & Jacqueline & Starling and Sage, so we want to make sure that each Nouveau Session Senior is well taken care of and also exclusive!

Please also note that just because you are saving a spot now, it doesn't mean that you'll have to take your photos now. You can choose to do them in the Summer, Fall, Winter of 2016 or up till end of March 2017. Sessions done in APRIL 2017 will incur late fees (since it's such a crunch time) and we will be out of the country for
most of that month.

With that said, hurry in and save a spot. This is how it works:

1. Submit this form with your info. Once you submit this form, you'll start the process and this will add your name to the list of confirmed Nouveau Seniors for 2017. Please understand that you'll be making a commitment to be a part of this experience, so think carefully! Each spot is cherished and coveted.

2. We'll be in touch via email, which will explain how the retainer for your spot works and how to book your first consultation meeting with us.

3. After that, we'll let the magic begin! ;)

** We do NOT sell any of your information to anyone, because we think that's RIDICULOUS. So no worries!